• What is DuraCoat®?

    DuraCoat® is a two-part chemical coating. Unlike other firearm finishes, DuraCoat® was created specifically for firearms. It also has abrasion and rust resistance properties.
  • How long will this finish last?

    DuraCoat® is considered permanent. With normal use, a firearm finished with DuraCoat® will last several lifetimes.
  • Couldn't I just buy paint and do it myself?

    Yes and No. You could certainly buy all of the paint for a fairly cheap price and attempt doing a finish on your own. However, the quality of the job requires thorough cleaning and preparation of the surfaces, proper curing, and reassembly. DuraCoat® its' self is quite affordable, it's the labor and the "know-how" that can get expensive. If you do not know how to properly prep and coat your gun, do you really want to practice on your prized firearm?
  • What colors and patterns do you offer?

    There are literally hundreds of color choices to choose from! For some, it's to the point that they feel there are too many colors to choose from! Don't worry, we have you covered! If you want a camo design (for example) we can tell the colors that must go with that 'flow" together the best. There are also countless patterns and designs you can choose from! To see some of the colors and designs, click HERE! Also, keep in mind, we can make a custom-design that isn't shown! If you have something in mind, email us at [email protected]
  • Why DuraCoat® my firearm?

    Good question! As we joke, DuraCoating® is for anyone that needs to be tactical or tacticool! In all seriousness, not only does it give you a firearm with an extreme tactical advantage (and "one up" over your friends), but is also provides your weapon with a life long protection with resistance from rust and abrasions.
  • What is the average wait time?

    Contact us for current processing times.
  • What if my firearm is dirty?

    Please clean it prior to drop-off, we may charge a cleaning fee for dirty weapons.
  • Why choose Custom Guns Virginia?

    We are one of the only DuraCoat® experts in Northern Virginia that has been trained by one of the top DuraCoater designers in the country! We pride ourselves in our work and our results! We guarantee that you will be happy with your design!