Custom Guns Virginia

Custom Guns Virginia is proud to bring the best in firearms customization and protection to Northern Virginia! We are veteran owned and operated by former US Marine Iraq Veteran and former US Secret Service, Nick White.

Being a huge gun advocate and hunter, Nick saw the growing demand to customize weapons specific to your situation. Whether you are looking at getting your gun/accessory Duracoated® out of tactical necessity, just to show off and impress friends with your "tacticoolness," or just simply to protect your investment, Custom Guns Virginia is the right choice for you!

We offer a wide array of Duracoat® products in Northern Virginia. We can provide you with something as simple as a single color finish, to three or four color DigiCamo patterns, or something completely custom that you are guaranteed to never see anywhere else!

Nick spent time in Wisconsin privately training directly under owner/founder of Duracoat®, Steve Lauer.

Come see why we are considered the best in Duracoating® in Northern Virginia!